Reviews Sejat ZERO-1 Universal 12000 mAh

Sejat ZERO-1 :Universal 12000 mAh Solar Battery Charger & External Battery Pack – the perfect green tech gadget for the modern traveler with any consumer electronics. No more messy cables, no more multiple power adapters to purchase separately, this handy gadget will provide all you need to charge almost all the consumer electronics now on market.Compatibility :-Apple iPod, iPhone ,iPad (All Generations)-Samsung Galaxy Tab-Asus – Eee Pad Transformer Tablet-HP TouchPad-Android Smartphones-Android Tablets-Samsung Mobile Phones-Samsung Galaxy Smarphones-LG Mobile/Smart Phones-HTC Mobile/Smart Phones-Nokia Mobile/Smart Phones-Motorola Mobile/Smart Phones-Blackbarry Mobile/Smart Phones-Sony Ericsson Mobile/Smart Phones-Nook E-Readers-Digital Cameras / DSLR / DV / HDV-PDA-PSP,NDS-Portable-DVD player-GPS-Sony, Kobo E-Readers-E-Book Readers-Laptops and Netbooks:HP,ACER,DELL,SONY,APPLE,COMPAQ,TOSHIBA,IBM,SAMSUNG,ASUS and other brands This is just a partial list, keep in mind that this charger may charge nearly all portable consumer electronics as long as your device could be charged directly through your wall outlet, then this solar battery charger will work on that device.Battery Charging Methods : -Pre-Charge with Wall Outlet (Fully Charge, Use as External Battery Pack)-Charge Directly from Sun or other Light Source


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